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Vintage Omega Constellation Watch

Omega Constellation watches are one of the oldest watch lines in the world. They have been in production for over 66 years. Originally designed as a chronometer for men, the line has evolved into a variety of different styles. The collection ranges from small and medium sized timepieces to 38 mm gold watches with diamonds.

The early vintage omega constellation watch featured rich dials and elegant case designs. Some models had fancy lugs and copper-coloured movements. Towards the end of the decade, the lugs became rectangular, and sharp edges were replaced with more refined shapes.

In 1982, the Constellation line was reinvented and its design language was redesigned to reflect the new direction. Today, the line includes many women’s and men’s models, as well as two-toned designs and models with quartz movements. Despite the changes, the spirit of the original Constellation remains. This is a watch that has a classic design that is easy to wear and maintain.

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Omega Constellation watches are made from solid stainless steel or 18K gold. The brand’s reputation for precision is reflected in their timepieces. Many models have Master Chronometer movements. These movements have been refurbished and improved in the past several years. Most models come with the date feature on the dial at either 3 or 6 o’clock.

There are also models available for men and women, including day-date variants. Several models have been updated over the years, including the Constellation Manhattan, which has been redesigned by Carol Didisheim. It features a chronometer movement and four claws on the crystal.

Among the most common dials in the Omega Constellation collection are pie-pan or cream-colored dials. Pie-pan dials have a reversed look, meaning that the hour markers are upside down. The dials are often engraved with a cross-hair line pattern, and some models have gold applied logos and hands.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Omega Constellation collection had many variations. For instance, models had diamond-shaped hour markers and pie-pan dials. Oftentimes, the case back featured a gold medallion with the observatory of Geneva surrounded by eight stars. Other models featured Onyx stick markers, which are gold hour markers with an Onyx inlay.

As with any vintage watch, it is important to check the condition of the watch before making a purchase. Even though these timepieces may be in good working order, it is possible that there are minor imperfections. Also, the metal type of the watch is important, as it affects its collectability. Stainless steel and gold are typically the preferred materials, but there are a number of models with other metals.

A vintage Omega Constellation watch can be a great addition to any collector’s collection. Not only do they represent the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and precision, but they are a beautiful timepiece that is easy to wear. While there are plenty of different models available, many of the most collectable and valuable pieces are limited to higher priced items. Purchasing a watch that has been professionally serviced can provide a timepiece that is sure to last for years to come.

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